As you all know (or maybe not) we are currently donating $5 of every 3 pair purchase on our site to Food Lifeline here in Seattle.  We want to take this moment to share with you a bit more about Food Lifeline and its mission.  

In short Food Lifeline acts as a consolidator of food from all kinds of different sources.  Farms, restaurants, retail….etc.  They then distribute to more than 300 food banks, shelters, and meal programs throughout Western Washington, providing the equivalent of 134,000 meals every day for hungry children, adults, and seniors.  When the Covid-19 crisis started, this type of function took on a whole new meaning.  You can read more about their direct response to Covid-19 here.

The current situation has caused a spike in food needs for the most at-risk communities.  Food Lifeline’s solution to this problem is amazing.  They have shifted their warehouse into building "emergency boxes”.  The boxes weigh 22+ pounds and hold 2 bags of “shelf-stable” food.  They can produce 100,000 boxes per week!  Critical need, in an uncertain time.


Arvin Goods makes socks, they are special socks, but still, just socks.  Selling socks during a crisis seems strange, our product is comfort-based, we try to do good anywhere we can with better materials, and minimizing our impact. 5 weeks ago when this started our goal was to maintain our business and put some money into positive use in the community. We are happy to have customers like you helping us contribute to an amazing organization like Food Lifeline. 

Thank you, we appreciate you, and your time! Stay healthy! ✌️🅰️


A little bit of added info in case you want to dig some more.  If you don’t need socks, don’t buy them.  We are ok with that.  If you are able, please donate directly to Food Lifeline here.  Or, do some research in your local community to see what similar organizations need, money, or volunteers.  Food Lifeline is a member of the national organization Feeding America, and you can find more localized information through their site here.

April 26, 2020 — Dustin Winegardner