This month I want to introduce you to a new Arvin Goods partner. The Seattle Children's Cancer Research Fund. Did you know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month?

I am proud to let you know that 10% of all sales at in the month of September will be donated to this great cause.

To share my personal motivation for Arvin Goods being involved in this campaign, I want to introduce you to my friend Emerson (thats her above).  I have known Emerson since she was born, and known her parents for over 20 years. They are more family than friends.

When Emerson was about 3 1/2 she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.  A very high risk, possibly/likely fatal form of childhood cancer. This tiny toddler that we knew so well had a tumor the size of a mango in her chest pushing on her lung and heart. My daughter Addie is about 6 months older than Emerson, so she had just turned 4 when this happened. A couple google searches, and you can see how bad this diagnosis was. I remember thinking what the f*ck!? How is this possible?? Then feeling grateful or "lucky" that it wasn't my kid, then feeling very guilty for thinking that. This was our close friends child, and there was a roller coaster of emotions for my wife and me.  We could not even imagine what Emerson and her family were going through.

A few quick facts for reference. Cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease in children. Of the entire US federal budget for cancer research, less than 4% is allocated for kids! If a child survives cancer treatments, it is 95% likely they will have some form of lifelong health issue. 

Emersons was treated for over 15 months at Seattle Children's Hospital. Say that out loud to yourself.  A 3 1/2 year old toddler went through 15 months of brutal cancer treatments.

During this period, her parents introduced us and other friends to various causes and events supporting Childhood Cancer Research. I was shocked to learn how poorly prepared and funded we are as a society for this deadly disease.  The team at Seattle Children's is incredible, what they are doing is literally life saving, and world changing work.

The good news is Emerson and her family fought hard.  She is in remission, and with us today. She is a fun, smart, sassy 13 year old. But this is not the case for all kids.  Seattle Children's Cancer Research efforts will help increase the rate of childhood cancer survivors all over the globe. I am very happy to have Arvin Goods name on the list of contributing partners.

You can learn more about what Seattle Children's Research is up to HERE, as well as the list of other campaign partners.

Best of all you can learn more about Emerson, and her families story HERE in her patient ambassador page.



** It is core belief of Arvin Goods that for profit businesses should give back. Our materials, and manufacturing decisions are just the beginning of how we work to create an impact. We must leave our cities, countries, and planet better than we found them. We will continue to create unique partnerships with this as a driving value. Thank you for riding with us!** #FRIENDOFTHEPEOPLE

September 01, 2020 — Dustin Winegardner