Shop for Socks, Send a Foster Student Back to School Equipped for Success  
This back to school season, the nation’s 400,000 foster kids will return to school, alongside all of our school-aged children, for the first time in over a year.  For foster children, it’s often a new school  - where a fresh start could change their future.  



Foster Kids need our attention and support. 

  • 1 child enters foster care every 2 minutes

  • 250,000 enter foster care each year

  • Only 50% of foster youth graduate highschool 

  • 1 in 5 foster children experience homelessness within 2 years of aging out of care 


At Arvin Goods, we’re turning our “sockpile” (this is excess inventory like last season’s socks or discontinued patterns / collabs) into a stockpile of back to school tools and resources for these foster kids to be able to show up completely prepared to succeed, just like their peers.



You need socks. Foster kids need computers and tutors. Together, we can give foster kids a better future by making your feet happy and importantly, making sure foster kids are well-equipped, instead of setting them up for failure before they walk through the door.

Join us in shopping for the socks you need, and donating to purchase what’s desperately needed for foster kids to be successful in school 



Our Shop for Socks, Shape the Future of Foster Kids campaign is simple. Pick your mystery sock box and join the community of sock lovers and givers who will help us turn 10,000 socks into cash to support a better future for foster kids nationwide. 

We promise you’ll be delighted with your purchase. 100% of the profits are donated to Ticket To Dream Foundation to provide educational support, much needed computers and tutoring services to Foster Children as they return to school this fall. After September 30th, these items will disappear! 

 "Sock it to me" "Match me up" "Knock my socks off"
5 pairs of socks 12 pairs of socks 15 pairs of socks
$45 $95 $125


Why Arvin Goods x Foster Kids? 

We’re about the future - the future of our planet and the future of our people.

We can put our best sock-wearing foot forward and provide funds for education support, technology access and school essentials to help them catch up in school, fuel their future dreams and help change their future trajectory. 


September 01, 2021 — Max Littledale