Classic Boot Sock - Recycled Wool NEW

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Product Details

Product details:
Mid length - loose knitted winter boot sock 
Ribbed leg for support
Reinforced heel and toe
3-ply heavy wool weave
Made for winter
Made in Portugal

Clean Materials

The socks are made from:



45% recycled wool
25% recycled polyester
20% recycled acrylic
10% other fibers

Our Recycled Wool Process Starts In India...

With post consumer clothing scraps

The entire sorting and cleaning process is done manually by women from the factories neighbouring local villages who would not otherwise be able to work because they cannot read or write. They employ 300 women at any given time. These women are the primary source of support of their families. By employing these women our factory partner empowers them and provides an opportunity to earn sufficient income to send their children to school, plant gardens for fresh food and afford modern amenities such as cooking stoves, televisions and phones.