Reclaimed Cotton

Reclaimed Cotton

Material waste from around the globe needs a home.

At Arvin Goods, our material partners don’t rely on water, chemicals, or toxic dyes to produce our products. Recycled inputs—clean and simple. It’s a story that matters more every day.


We start by recovering recycled textile scraps and fabrics. This lets us avoid relying on water and energy intensive cotton farms or production facilities. This is where every Arvin product begins, and where every Arvin product could return to.

What this does:
- Saves fresh water 
- Lowers C02 emissions 
- Reduces landfill waste 
- Eliminates the use of energy-dependent farms and facilities


We gently return all recycled clothing and fabrics to their most basic, original form: fiber. We combine these recovered materials with other recycled or responsibly sourced yarns to create a versatile and expressive range of products. From super soft socks to the most comfortable underwear you can buy, the possibilities are endless—and sustainable.


When you wear out your Arvin Goods, drop them off at a material recycling center and the loop continues. By building every piece of Arvin Goods clothing from recycled materials, we’re able to create an ongoing, closed loop of apparel sustainability. No farms, no processing. 

As Arvin grows, we plan to build direct take-back programs with our partners to even further streamline our closed loop ambitions.

Products Made Using Reclaimed Cotton