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Why Portugal?

This quest to get these socks to market started in 2019, and then got derailed by covid in 2020. We have made this decision in an effort to further reduce our impact, and also simplify our supply chain.

From the people
From the people
The day is a bit better when I wear a pair of Arvins. They are the perfect height and they never need adjusting.
— Justin K., USA
From the people
I have Owned Nike, Stance, Stzy, Etc. but all of them are made in China. The vision of this company brought me here and the customer service has kept me around. These socks are great!
— Kate
About arvin

Worn For Good.

Arvin Goods was founded to create positive change in all we do. To this day, we’re still the top brand using discarded fabric scraps to make the softest, best-fitting and most responsibly made socks. Apparel basics, made with passion, clean materials and inspired design.

We literally keep clothes out of landfills while giving new life to non-virgin materials.

Arvin Goods — Made for you. Made for good.