Last week we made a trip to Long Beach, California to attend ComplexCon.  If you are not familiar with this event, it is the annual gathering of Urban, Sneaker, Music, Pop, and Streetwear culture.  We attended with a simple question.  Is Sustainability even a topic in this world?  The short answer is, No. But, there is much more to the story.


This market, has an incredible size and breadth of customer.  The limited edition, and re-sell markets are huge, and the potential for impact here is amazing.  The market is so big, and so developed that some people are speculating a burst of the streetwear “bubble”.  High fashion, like LV  and Gucci  are borrowing most of their ideas from this market.  Even so far as to hire their creative directors from here  With all of these factor’s at play we know this is a highly influential space, that we really need to pay attention to.  Could Arvin Goods be part of this?  I don’t know, but I know everyone at the show wears socks and underwear, so I believe we need to educate this consumer group, and they need a “star” from this world to endorse low impact products.


Arvin Goods was built to be an example and help prove to these giants that this can be done.  If we can make the cleanest basics in the world, so can they.  We did see a few bright spots at the show.

One was the platinum level #friendofthepeople team from Can’t Blame The Youth. You already know they're into sustainability with the best socks in the game, made by Arvin Goods!  They launched a new collab with photographer Charles Peterson and Pleasures stay tuned for this to drop in December, it’s amazing.


I came across a project called Pangaia I had never heard of this group, but when I turned the corner and saw a sea of plastic bottles I knew what they were about.  Nothing for sale yet form Pangaia, but they have some amazing innovations in development that should be available in the near future.  Pay attention to this one.


Last was G-Star.  They have a new collection of sustainable denim with Jayden Smith   Their booth wasnt clear on how it’s sustainable, so I can’t explain more, but based on G-star’s track record, I trust they are doing some great things.  I don’t know what Jayden Smith has to do with sustainability, or if he can actually sew??😉  But I like his track ICON, so I’ll take it!  We will keep following G-Star’s developments.


As far as influence goes, no one is more influential than Pharrell and he is one of the leaders of the ComplexCon event.  He needs no introduction, he has been a staple voice in music, fashion, culture, and sustainability for many years now.  With his leadership this market place will continue to evolve and become more informed, and more intelligent about what they are buying and consuming.  If I saw one thing at ComplexCon it was proof that this segment is very impressionable, they are willing to pay $300+ to enter an event where they wait in long lines to spend more money on a product that is “Co-signed”, or “limited” in someway.  Their peers, are then prepared to over pay for the same item on eBay the next day.  I hope that some day they are lined up for exclusive products made from recycled materials, with amazing low impact stories…  Maybe some day…

Until then, keep your eyes peeled on one of the largest cultural markets in history!


November 10, 2018 — Dustin Winegardner