At Arvin we love to talk about our friends, these are the folks that inspire us, keep us on the right tracks, jump in when help is needed and are there when we need to spitball new ideas over a few beers. 

We want to introduce to you these people, our friends.

Let's start with Shayd. Shayd is a photographer, born and raised on the West coast of British Columbia. He is a beginner rock-climber, a novice snowboarder and a terrible surfer, but loves to send it. Shayd once saw a Sasquatch running down the side of a glacier and has forever been obsessed. 

He was also part of the team that worked with us to build our Kickstarter video. His direction is strong, and ideas unique. 

#friendofthepeople : "I feel truly lucky to live and work in such a beautiful place, but the only way to keep fighting for that beauty is by choosing a lifestyle that encourages sustainability, and be good to the planet." - @xshaydx << Check out his Insta

If these words don't sell him for you, his photos will... 

Check out Shayd's work here >

Or here >

Keep inspiring us brother! 


July 29, 2017 — Harry Fricker