This is such a strange time of uncertainty, and all of us are wondering when it will end, and what the new reality will be.  We are here to tell you… who knows 🤷‍♂️…???

As a company we see this as an opportunity to directly communicate with you, and further share our mission to make responsible, clean products.  We hope that everyone will come out of this situation with a new perspective of how we should all function as people, neighbors, and consumers.  

This is the first time ever that the global economy has been completely stopped in it’s tracks.  We have an opportunity to re-set, and make changes in industries that in the previous commercial environment would have taken years.  Health, and wellness is important for people, but health and wellness of the planet is actually what sets the table for our personal health.  Simple consumer choices for basic items, like socks or t shirts can have extreme impacts.  To be clear, socks will not save the planet, but collective changes in consumer behaviors will have a profound effect over time.  

We need to expect a new and improved product plans from the brands we buy from.  Responsible manufacturing, and consuming has to become a way of life, it can’t just be a blip on the radar.  As a company, socks are what we produce and sell, but more important we use this as a simple product to help educate our customers about the impact that can be made with just one small change.  2 socks saves more than 50 gallons of water…. Look around your closet and home, and think about what else you could buy differently.

Stay healthy, and thanks for visiting us! ✌️🅰️

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April 05, 2020 — Dustin Winegardner