“Friend of the People” is the definition of Arvin. 

We started Arvin Goods with a simple plan. Create a great product, while running a company with purpose. 

With everything happening, we had to rethink as a company how to do the most good, right now. Here’s what we arrived on: 

Families and children without access to food need support—urgently. 

So, starting today, mix and match any 3 socks on Arvingoods.com and we’ll donate $5 to Feeding America via the Seattle organization Food Life Line

Our goal? Sell 5,000 packs of 3 socks, generating $25,000 to donate to people who need it most, right now. 

We’re all at home in our socks. Wondering how we can help, what we can do. So, let’s work together to do some good for people who need it most. 

Pick 3 and we’ll donate $5. Pass it on. 

Stay in. Stay safe. Take care. 

The Arvin Team 




March 24, 2020 — Harry Fricker