Our Creative Director, Harry Fricker recently made the trip over to Spain to capture the process we use to develop our waterless, waste free yarns which make up the Arvin Goods accessories. 

It all starts here. 

May 9th - Banyeres de Mariola, Spain.

Banyeres de Mariola is a small town in the north of the province of Alicante, right up in the hills, 860 metres above sea level, with a small population of 7,500. 

It's beautiful, quiet and content. 

The textile industry keeps the town alive. I had the chance to learn and photograph the process we use for the yarns we use first hand.

My Spanish is a little hazy, but I got the phrase of '...Estoy aquí para capturarte...' down fairly well. Only to learn at the end of my trip I had been telling people '...I'm here to capture you...'

I have no idea how I got that so wrong! 

Anyway, here is what I saw during my short stay in the hills of Northern Spain. 


 The town of Banyeres de Mariola, Spain.

It starts with the waste. Hundreds of bails of raw waste material that has been gathered from factories across the globe. 

To start the process the scrap materials get broken down and shredded back to their original state, the fibre. 

Once the raw materials have been broken down and striped of all metal excess, the fibres are stored as single colour bails. Ready for blending when specific colours are chosen. 

To keep quality high and colours precise, all fibres are checked through the lab. Colours are blended, documented and archived for future projects. 

Back in the factory, the fibres have been blended to their chosen colour and now the yarns are being spun.

You can see that this process uses zero water, eliminates the use of toxic dyes and is waste free. This factory is also run off 50% solar power! 

You can read more about the benefits of the process we use here.

Lets close this fashion loop together! 

More of the story to come...




June 22, 2017 — Dustin Winegardner