We are proud to now be available in Grand Rapids, Michigan! At Woosah Outfitters.

Woosah is owned and operated by the artist, Erica Lang. She is a woodblock printmaker and started her business in 2011 while she was studying at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids. Her printmaking studio is located in the retail store where she sells all hats, bags, apparel and other items that feature her designs. 

The store is located at 738 Wealthy street, Erica and her partner, Kelly McPhee, live together above the shop. Connected to the retail store is their first love child, Outside Coffee Co, which opened it's gates to the public June 8th. A 1956 Dalton Travel trailer converted into a coffee shop is parked in the garden with hammocks, community work tables, and cafe seating; there's seating for all activities. 

What does Woosah mean?: 

1) a slang word that brings a sense of inner peace and calmness when said out loud. Take a deep breath in and exhale, that's Woosah. 

2) A grass rooted lifestyle brand, hand carved and crafted in Grand Rapids Michigan.


Photography by -  @pasagraphy

September 12, 2018 — Harry Fricker