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Our Materials

We use the most responsible products possible, and invest in new solutions as they arise to reduce our impact that much further. Every material we use is the best there currently is—but we’d be sugarcoating things if we said they were all perfect. Here’s an overview of what we currently use.


We've taken our clean materials and expanding the Clean Basics Category


The Basic Tee

Introducing a new addition to the Clean Basics lineup. An everyday classic a wardrobe must-have; white & black t-shirt.

See What They Say About Arvin Goods

"By making eco-conscious socks with artisan craft, Arvin Goods is proving that even the smallest parts of your wardrove can be made well and do well."

—High Snobiety

"They compile them from scrap fabrics, sourced from factory cutting-room floors, sorted by colors, and ground up and woven into a new, 100% recycled fiber."

—Fast Company

"Sustainability was the lifeblood of the brand from Day1 and the company is proof that being green can be fruitful and cost-effective."


"Doing the right things doesn't mean you have to spend twice as much."

—Gear Patrol

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