Make the cleanest basics on the planet. That’s what we’re here to do.

Responsibility isn’t a line on our profit and loss sheet. It’s the fundamental core of our approach to design, manufacturing, and distribution. 

We’ve created a new category—Clean Basics. And with that category comes two core responsibilities that define how we make decisions, who we work with, and how we communicate with our community.

Responsibility 1

The Clean Basics category is defined by its use of low impact materials. As creators of that category, we have a responsibility to use the lowest impact materials in every product we produce.That means that if a new material or innovation comes along that is lower impact than what we’re already using, we’ll adopt it. 

Responsibility 2

We have a responsibility to be transparent about our manufacturing practices, materials, short-comings, long-term plans, and changes we make. Arvin isn’t perfect. We haven’t “solved” the apparel industry—and anyone who claims to have done so is full of shit. There’s a lot of work to be done. It’s our responsibility to be upfront and transparent about the work that lies ahead for us, and the apparel industry as a whole. 

Why We Hold Ourselves Accountable to These Responsibilities

The apparel industry is harmful and irresponsible by design. Up until now, that’s been the unquestioned norm. That needs to change, fast. Here’s a quick glance at why we hold ourselves accountable to what we do. 

Initiatives and Future Plans

We kicked off the Clean Basics category with socks. That’s just step one. We’re on a big, long-term mission to clean up the apparel industry. Here’s what we’re currently working on and why.

Our Materials

We use the most responsible products possible, and invest in new solutions as they arise to reduce our impact that much further. Every material we use is the best there currently is—but we’d be sugarcoating things if we said they were all perfect. Here’s an overview of what we currently use.

Our Factories

We only work with a select few facilities for material sourcing and production. We source our recycled cotton base yarn from a facility we’ve built a strong relationship with in Spain. With those materials in-hand, we then produce all Arvin goods at one of two product facilities—one in China, the other in Japan.

More info coming soon

Our Packaging

Plastic packaging was a problem in the early days of Arvin. We’ve since moved to a no-plastic fix for all packaging. Currently we wrap all socks in a recycled and recyclable card wrap. Then, we ship every package using EcoEnclose Eco-X Mailer materials—a durable packaging material made from 100% recycled paper and post-consumer wise. We will soon be shipping every Arvin sock from the factory in Aquapak bags—a water soluble polymer that is non-toxic and doesn’t produce microplastics.