Fit, fabric and feel were at the forefront of my mind when I started designing everyday basics for Arvin Women. She needed to feel comfortable & supported, no matter what she was doing.  I wanted to give her something she could feel comfortable in from working out, running errands, or lounging around at home. Not a bra you can’t wait to tear off and throw across the room the moment you walk through the door. 

The easy part of the design process was the fabric, thanks to our sustainable recycling process, I didn’t have to worry about harsh chemicals or dyes so close to the skin. No one wants to worry about irritation to their most sensitive areas! 

 Since our fabric is cotton based and sustainably sourced and knit, the Arvin girl can feel cozy and comfortable about our impact on the environment.

Fit was the most important factor when it came to designing for the Arvin girl.  We wanted to design shapes and silhouettes that would be simple enough for everyday wear but still perform under the everyday stresses we put garments though.  We took our time measuring, designing and fit testing to make sure we got every part right.  I think we have come up with something pretty special.  



Right now we are in the development stage of the Women's range and will be soon be starting a Female testing program. What to be a part of it? 

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July 07, 2017 — Harry Fricker