Meet Vanessa. 


Vanessa is a social influencer currently residing in Toronto, Ontario. 

Things kicked off when her high school blog gained an audience as she shared her journey of coming out with her followers. 

...We met on Instagram...Really, we did. She has been inspiring us with her stories, her imagery and words for about 6 months. We had to pass her story on to you guys...


The photography Vanessa produces has, and continues to be, her outlet for creativity and change. This lead to creating Stillsane, an apparel brand created by herself and her longtime friend Stephen. In the beginning Stillsane designed quirky fold-up crewnecks, but as Vanessa’s and Stephen’s passion for the environment began to collide with the products they created a change was necessary. Stillsane transitioned into an Eco-ethically conscious apparel brand dedicated to creating awareness and change for pressing issues our blue planet faces. 

Since 2016 Stillsane is 100% cut, sewn dyed in Canada and donates 50% of their profits to conservation efforts globally. The change started because of Vanessa’s childhood obsession with sharks; when the idea for a shark conservation tee came about, printing it on clothing that was non-eco or ethically conscious didn’t just add up.

We sent Vanessa some Goods a while back. Yellow's her color.  

Vanessa now spends her time and efforts designing, photographing and trying to educate her audience and others about ways in which people can change their impact on the environment. Her channels show her support for like-minded companies dedicated to creating change and awareness.

Through travels, photography, creatives and good vibes they continue to make their little mark on this big planet for the better. 

 Find Vanessa on Insta, Tumblr, Twitter... She's a #friendofthepeople and maybe one day a friend of yours. 


September 18, 2017 — Harry Fricker