Last month we launched Arvin Good’s newest project “Our People” - a video series highlighting some amazing people telling their stories. 
This week we caught up with our good friend and Seattle local: Jordan Nicholson, a photographer and all round creative mind, known for his positivity, colourful style and rad collaborations. Jordans lifestyle and work has inspired many, living with TAR Syndrome has not held him back, his photographic eye has been used by some of the biggest musicians to well known brands. Here’s what Jordan had to say about self love and some pivotal points in his life...





You’ve said that you got into photography when you were 13. Did you know at that age that you wanted to become an artist?

At 13, I mostly considered a camera just a really cool gadget. It wasn't until highschool that I connected with the artistic parts of photography. BUT. I think I've always known that I wanted to be an artist of some sort. My middle school dream was to become an animator at Studio Ghibli! And before that My dream was to be an "inventor". Think I've somehow always known I wanted to make stuff.





Is there a specific moment, or time in your life that you think set you on the path you’re on or has it always been a steady route forward?

I think my senior year at UW was a huge pivot point in my life. I was on the track to go straight back to school and get my masters so I could become an art teacher. But at that time I just felt a huge calling to pursue a life as a full time creative! I ended up making the leap and it's made all the difference in life.





What are you most proud of in either your personal or professional life?

I'd say I'm most proud of how I've learned to love my body! I think the world does a very good job of convincing us that there's something wrong with us. So the hardest thing to do sometimes is to really embrace your unique one of a kind self. I wouldn't trade this body or life for anything and I'm proud of that!









Do you have any other creative outlets besides photography?

I love doodling! I love dancing. I love clothing and styling. I sometimes moonlight as a DJ, so that's been real fun!





Who are you listening to these days? Musicians, podcasts? Plug your friends!

My friend Hollis just dropped a new song called 'Less Like' that's super great. My other friend Dodgr has a new song called 'Lightwork' that also slaps. I've also been on a pretty heavy afrobeat wave lately. Here's a playlist I made!









Top tip for people starting out?

Whatever your thing is, just do it a lot. Sometimes we don't give ourselves space to experiment and to explore. Like don't even worry about whether what you're doing is "good". I say just get your reps in, try out all sorts of things, and figure out what you like most! Fully immerse yourself in the thing you're trying to pursue. I think things will start sorting themselves out from there. Just have fun!



August 02, 2021 — Max Littledale