A primary goal of Arvin Goods is to provide information that helps educate consumers about simple decisions you can make everyday to buy better, and buy clean.   To demonstrate the impact of a “basic” item like socks I went to a couple retail stores here in Seattle to give an example of how our water math on socks adds up.

A mid size (publicly traded) retailer in America will have approximately 300-500 stores.  For this exercise I  am using 300 as a store count, this means that these are on the lower end of the actual numbers.

Mens socks in one store:  

Approximately 100 shelf positions, with 8-10 units on each position.  (Again) Going with a low assumption - 750 units in each store location.

750 units * 50 gallons per pair = 37,500 gallons per store for one retailer in just mens

37,500 gallons * 300 stores = 11,250,000 gallons in one retailers current inventory.  

You are not hallucinating, you read that correctly ELEVEN MILLION+ this is our impact opportunity

**Arvin Goods socks require almost ZERO water.  Conventional cotton socks require at least 50 gallons of water in growth and manufacturing.  (in most cases it is quite a bit more)

Again, this is socks, in one department at one mid sized retailer.  Add in women’s, and kids departments... go to one of the big box stores, and do the math….  The numbers are astounding to say the least.

Conclusion… Our mission is to make the cleanest basics on the planet.  If we can replace even 5% of this market place, and influence other brands to follow our lead then we can make a huge impact reduction…

It’s just socks, but we humans consume a lot of socks, and that adds up to a lot of wasted water.

Buy right!

November 30, 2018 — Dustin Winegardner