Hemp BioWaste - Agraloop

Turning Bio Waste Into Basics.

We teamed up with our friends at Circular Systems to create the Performance Crew:
the first sock ever made using Agraloop BioFibre™.

By blending our breathable organic and recycled cotton with Agraloop BioFibre™ —an extremely durable and anti-microbial material spun from the leftover refuse of hemp production—we’ve created a tough but flexible fabric that’s perfect for heavy-use basics like socks.

We partnered with Agraloop™ to introduce Hemp BioFiber to the world of basics

Agraloop BioFibre is cottonized fiber made to run in existing open-end and ring spinning systems. NOT another viscose product, Agraloop BioFibre, is highly refined 100% natural fiber made from oilseed and nutraceutical hemp residues. Agraloop BioFibre retains all the embedded energy and the aesthetic of the original bast fiber performance qualities. BioFibre can also go into our patent-pending Orbital yarn spinning technology.

A new world of materials

By partnering with our friends at Agraloop™, we’re working to create a cleaner, more self-sustaining production process. 

By using waste from food crop production, Agraloop™ BioFibre™ technology is charting the course for vegetable fibers like oilseed hemp to be upgraded into a cottonized natural fiber for high-quality textile applications. Unlike conventional man-made cellulosic processes like viscose, the Agraloop™ process retains the natural fiber aesthetic while avoiding chemically intensive processing that uses a lot of energy.

Best of all, oilseed hemp farming supports regenerative agriculture processes, improving soil health with chemical free cultivation, weed suppression, and no-till agriculture, sequestering carbon back into the ground.

Taking a leaf out of nature’s playbook — and using leftover waste to create something entirely new.