Plant Dyed

IndiDye is a naturally occurring plant-based material for dyeing, which avoids the use of toxic chemicals and reduces water consumption by 98%. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Why does Arvin use IndiDye?

Conventional dyeing practices require the use of toxic chemicals, and huge amounts of water and CO2 emissions. IndiDye is a non-toxic, plant-based, and less-resource intensive solution to long-standing toxic dyeing practices in the apparel industry. 

IndiDye uses naturally occurring plant dyes instead of conventional chemical dyeing processes. In the past, plant dyes have provided a limited set of colours. That’s why IndiDye uses a unique ultrasonic pressure process to infuse plant-based dyes at the fiber level during production. The result is a huge range of vibrant, expressive colours—no chemicals required. The IndiDye process also requires much shorter dyeing times and temperatures, which drastically lowers energy and CO2 emissions required to get the job done. 

IndiDye is certified via the Plant Dyes Standard (verifying all-natural content in their dyes and process), and is also GOTS approved (Global Organic Textile Standard). 

A 100% natural solution to the essential dyeing process, IndiDye is good for people, the planet, and for you. 

The Process

First, IndiDye take plant-based dyes. Then, they combine those dyes with the fibers themselves in large dye-tanks. At this point, the fibers and dye-tanks are exposed to ultrasonic pressure waves that powerfully fuse the dye and fibers together. Then, we combine those dyed fibers with our own select choice of materials to create every pair of Arvin socks. 



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