What's Up Everybody, 
If you’re new to Arvin Goods, welcome, thanks for finding us!

When we started Arvin Goods, the idea was simply to make good products, responsibly.  “Sustainability” has become such an overused buzz word, that defining it is now hard to do.  One thing we do know is that taking care of people is the most important piece to being a responsible company.  “People” in our case is our team, our partners, and of course our customers.  

Giving back to our communities is part of the vision for Arvin Good. But, to be honest we have not had a chance to build relationships in this area.  We have been too busy with product, and developing the brand. That's the reality of a company our size.  However, when something like  COVID-19 happens, it can re-focus your priorities very quickly.  

A little background, I have 2 daughters (5th and 7th grade).  When schools closed, I started reading more and more about the number of children in Seattle public schools (not to mention nationally) that receive 1 to 2 meals a day from their school.  Now with districts closed across the country, these kids have no consistent access to healthy food.  Seattle is a major market in the US, with some of the biggest companies on planet earth.  Yet, there was no contingency plan for feeding thousands of families if schools close.  This was completely unbelievable to me!  

We at Arvin Goods decided we needed to do something, we needed to help, but how?

During one of our WFH calls we were discussing ways we could help.  It would be SUPER easy if everyone needed socks, but socks don’t solve this one.  Ironically, we were all at home in our socks, and someone said, "everyone in the whole world is at home... in their socks…"  Thats it, people can purchase new Arvin Goods, and we could re-direct some of the cash to help those that need it.  And so…. "Buy 3 and we’ll donate $5” was born.    

After a little research we found that the Seattle organization, Food Lifeline is a member of a national group Feeding America. We decided this is a great place to direct those funds.

So, if you visit us, and buy some new Arvin Goods, please share the story, and the program.  Our goal is to raise $25,000. This is a big goal for us, but we believe in our brand, our people, and our customers. I am confident we can make it happen!

All of this said. if you don’t need new socks, that’s ok. Please consider donating directly to one of these organizations, or another that is providing critical assistance during this crisis.

On behalf of the Arvin Goods team, I wish everyone good health.  See you out there soon! ❤️🅰️

Dustin ✌️ 


March 29, 2020 — Dustin Winegardner