What We're Made Of

Founded in June 2019, Arvin Goods is a Seattle-based apparel accessories company with an uncommon core value. We foster and lead impact reduction by making STYLISH LOW-IMPACT BASICS THAT NEVER COMPROMISE on performance, comfort, quality — or ethics.

Refreshingly clean basics — Responsibility is the core of our approach to design, manufacturing, and distribution.

Arvin Goods is the only brand using discarded fabric scraps to create the softest, best-fitting, most responsibly made apparel accessories. We’re tailored to your unique tastes and actively aligning with your motivations to improve the world.

We serve our fragile planet and the human beings who protect it — and care about their outward appearance, but also performance, durability and comfort.


Reincarnating performance, comfort, and style feels right because it is — Arvin Goods is also a byproduct, the rare result of a nimble zealous team of kind-hearted souls that wears the stylish low-impact basics we produce, day in, day out. We are what we make!


True friendships never end. They lifecycle. Deciding on materials and manufacturing just the beginning. To leave our world better than we found it, we actively partner with those who share this commitment. The root meaning of our brand ‘Arvin’
says it all: Friend of the people. Without this community connection our name means nothing. With great urgency, we must protect everyone’s future.